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News Articles 1980 to 2021/ also Printers Institute of America Award

These are a few of the many .. but some favourites! For more information contact dellaburford@hotmail.com

News Articles about Della Burford's Author/Artist projects

1980 Printers Institute of American Award

1979 Wandering Spirit School

1980 American Museum of Natural History Dodoland on the Way to Puerto Rico

1982 Gautemala - Organization of American States

1982 St. Peter's Cathedral - United Nations School

1983 Brookly Children's Museum

1987 Cape Cod Writer's Conference

1987 Edmonton Journal - Author's Festival

1979-1996 Inner City Angels - Lakeshore Newspaper - Student's Pen Classic Tales

Inner City Angels
1990 Scarborough Mirror

1990 The Toronto Star- Mythical child learns secrets to keep pollution at bay

1992 Board of Education Newsletter - "The Earth is Living Color"

1994 Pop Environmental Enviro-Books

1995 Storytellings -Readings - Writers Union (Member for 35 years)

1995- 2021 Cyberspace Site - Dodoland Online

2001 Korea - Jeju World Festival for Island Cultures

2007-2012 Nanaimo Art Residency

2009-2019 Bali-Spirit of Writing and Art - Paripurna - Karja

2011-2018 Kanzawabunko Festival Japan - Magical Earth Secrets

2019 Visionary Art Award - Moscow

2021 Holland - Yoga Centre

Quotes about Della Burford

Original Designer and Conceptualizers of Dodoland
Dale Bertrand & Della Burford


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