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Dodoland Angels and Fairies

If you would like to become a Dodoland Angel please contact Della or Dale at

We would like to acknowledge certain "Dodoland Angels" who have helped us to keep Dodoland in Cyberspace going over the last sixteen years. These Angels have contributed financially as well as with their hearts..
Pat Brennan
Howard Jerome and Alice Brownlee
Bruce McCarthy
Shelley Goldstein
Yasmin Glanville
Jenny Rypma
Tom and Jo Ann (Sal) Williams and Family


"Big things can happen with the help of people who care".

Thanks to many others who have helped us with Dodoland

The latest thanks goes to Chris Martin for web-design of present site and all coding and Josh Arndt for help in intial mapping of the present site plan.

Thanks to:
The "Swiftsure Project" which was a Canadian British Columbian Government funded project. This gave us internet training and made the launch of our first issue in 1995 possible.
All the children who have inspired us.
Dave Godfrey for his belief and advice.
Ivan Sinclair for his incredible committment in giving us help at the beginning..
"Softwords" for their contribution of energy.Chris Haskell for support
Robert McCourty at Pacific Interconnect for patience. (rkm@vvv.com)
Peter Miller for great proofreading email address pmiller@globalserve.net
Marilyn Bowering and the Writers Union of Canada for informing us of Swiftsure.
Glen Burford for his wonderful and ongoing technical advice.Thanks Glen. Chris Martin for his web design work .
Mike West for the Dodoland title graphics on the Main page. Thanks Mike.
Donna for her volunteer work in doing interior design of the rooms in the Dodoland castle& the ABC books in which pages are shown online.
Rumiko Kanesaka for her translation in Japanese
Bruce Torrie and Keith Heidorn for their help with forming Earth Child Foundation.
Paul George/Adriane Carr and the Western Canada Wilderness Commitee.

Thanks to those who contributed to the Animation Library and Flashkit.

Tom and Eileen Lyons for their global concerns

Desiree and Lyle Burford for help over many years and encouragement.

Norah Burford for her help over the years.

Pat and Jim Piercey for sharing their house and garden.

Murray Burford for his help in getting the painting ready for the Stone Journey Show.
Edna Reti for her help with equipment and belief in the project.
Thanks to Tedrian Chizak and Henryk Binder who were inspirational in our work.
Thanks to Merian Soto, Julie Liberman, Larry Karush, Jerry Schrair and all the New York performers and musicians who played and performed the story for 7 years.Tree Newson for helping with costumes for various New York shows.
Mark Jenkins at "Face to Face Communications" in Toronto for apprenticeship.
The Ontario Arts Council for 14 Creative Artists in the Schools grants.
The Canada Council for numerous author tours.
The Writers Union for the National Reading program.
Metro Toronto Separate Schools for years of support.
Toronto School Board and schools for sponsoring workshops.
Edmonton Writer in Residence program.
Vancouver Artist in Residence program

Brenda Parres in believing in my work. Inner City Angels for arranging years of work with children.300 schools in New York and Canada where workshops took place. Thanks to all the teachers, principals and librarians who have been great.
Victoria Community Arts Council for school sponsorhip and Lynne Moorhouse for work in Victoria.David Melville for following the work for many years.

Art Smart for sponsoring workshops in Vancouver.Ambassador of the Arts for sponsoring a storytelling at South Plaza, Orange County, California

Maria Formolo for here dance of the Magical Earth Secrets.

Virgil Scott for this present work on creating music for Spirit Rabbit.

Jane Gibney for helping with the colors on my puppet for storytelling in Holland.

Globetree in Sweden for the their wonderful work.

Diana Rhode- the Seed of Life Foundation for letting us contribute to her Peace Scroll

Mary Lynne Ogilvie, Tom and Sal Williams, Doug and Jules Atkins who have been pat of the Earthchild Environment Foundation.

Joe Michael for arranging our work at the Festival of Island Cultures in Korea

Marian and Elwyn Roberts in Birmingham for making our trip enjoyable in England and Wales.

Sue Bladon and Barbera Tremain for helping us in Cornwall.

Marijke Sluitjer and Educare for arranging work in Holland.

Gloria Hershhorn for making puppets of the Storytellers for the Rabbit Story.

Friends of the Environment Foundation for projects in Toronto, London, and Vancouver.
Planet Oasis for including us in their initial Virtual City. All the sites on the internet(over 1000) who have put links to us to share our work with others.

Thanks to our families, and friends support.
The Williams family for being part of Dodoland.
All the "web masters" who have linked us to their sites.
All the children and schools who have contributed their work.

Thanks to the Nanaimo Art Gallery and their artist in the school program.
Thanks to all those who were part of the Dream Centre project in Korea
Thanks to Gloria in Mexico and those at the Vancouver Language Centre Thanks to I Made in Bali and his dance group,

Sorry if I have forgotten anyone. Thanks to everyone!

And a special thanks to Doug Riseborough for his initial love of the story, and his inpiration and creativity, and the late Dr. Richard Mazurek who helped make it all happen with the publication of "Journey To Dodoland".

Original Designer and Conceptualizers of Dodoland
Dale Bertrand & Della Burford


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"Journey to Dodoland" Copyright and TM 1977. Della Burford, Dodoland in Cyberspace 1995-2022 Della Burford and Dale Bertrand.