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Barney and Buffy are winners!

Barney Williams had the words "Imagine" on this shirt as he won gold for Canada in the 4 man Rowing Team at the World Championship in Italy. Buffy, his wife was on the Woman's Rowing Team and her boat won as well. Recently they both won gold in a Regatta in Boston. Imagine a husband and wife with such talent! Buffy won bronze for Canada at Sydney olympics. Barney won for Canada at the Oympics in Greece. Go team go!

When the book of Dodoland was written years ago Barney was Della's imaginary brother in the story. Barney's family moved to British Columbia and call Victoria and Saltspring Island home. Barney calls Saltspring home. Home is where the heart is.

Barney Williams(on right)with Winning Team

Barney persevered and worked out everyday rowing with his team on a lake near Victoria. They won Gold for Canada at the World Championships and Silver at the Olympics in Greece.

Imagine your Dream ! - With Oars We can Fly!

Barney has after the Olympics gone to study at Oxford University with Buffy.

He has been on the winning rowing team at Oxford the last two years. What a culmination of a lot of hard work. This photos below show the race and a hug just after the second win with one of his teammates.


In Oxford- Tavin -Barney and Buffy little son was born - another momentous event for family. Della and Dale and Adam with Williams family. Front is new baby Tavin.


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