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Azatlan Island

As the executive directors of the Roberts Heritage Foundation, Della and Dale visited the historic island of Mexcaltitan.
Mexcaltitan 400 AD Mexcaltitan 1600 AD

They visited the Museo "El Origin" and saw photographs of the old maps of the island which was first called Azatlan. They saw drawings and a stone sculpture which told the story of how the Mexical people were shown, in a vision to Huitzilopochtli, to find "an eagle holding a snake in its beak." They apparently left the island and walked for a long, long time and finally saw an eagle with the snake over a lake. This became Tenochtitlan, home of the Aztecs and later Mexico City.

Della & Dale in the museum.

On Mexicaltitlan Della and Dale found there was no cars, the island itself was only about 350 metres by 450 meters, so you could stand in the middle of the public plaza and look straight across to the edge of the island in each direction. The streets on the island formed a great mandala as there is a big circular cobbled road around the edge and a cross in the middle. Della sat in the plaza and started a painting of the island. The children of Mexcaltitan visited her as she painted . The water around seems polluted and we hoped people would think of ways of using ecological sense to keep such a gem intact.


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