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"Creating Your Own Myths" !

Della's students work - Vancouver

Della created a "Creating Your Own Myth" workshop with Writing and Art . International students from all over the world were creating and telling many different kinds of stories - Their own person Myths, Fables, Stories with Emotion and Drama, Travel, Anime- and Improv stories. They even are creating their own original Hero/Heroines and Imaginary Maps...some were designed for the child within. Check it out! Scroll down! Click below the drawings to see the animation and soundloops the students chose for their Imagination Story Starters. See the problems in the Story Starters and answer "What do you think can happen?????

Kiwi does not Fly!

Kiwi's story book

Ranky by Sung Min

Sung Min's story book

Snowies Story

Dorosy and Ggool by Minnie

Kira by Fernanda

Hodory is Flying

Nancy, Lulu and Jay by Nissa

Dona Butterfly by Bruna

Linzy Waterdrop by Agnes

Ben the Bug and Charlie by Martin

Muldy by Warren


Doodle Animal by Mohammed

The City by Eric




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