"Create Your Own Myth" with Della

Students from all over the world come to Vancouver!

Della is teaching art, writing, and storytelling . This is Della's 5th summer program . Students are Creating... Writing, Art, and Storytelling. They even are creating their own original Imaginary Story Maps and original Characters. Check it out! Scroll down! Most of the stories are developed for the child within. We will only show the beginnings of the stories. See the problems in the stories and think of your own solutions?????

Fruit Land by Mindy

Once upon a time there was a land called Fruit Land which was half Happy and half Evil. The two sides fought and the Happy side won. When the Evil side hit the Happy side there was a strong wind coming out and the evil side went inside. The wind blew and they were all gone so happy side won. This is the beginning and ending- what can happen in between.

After that...

And then....

But instead of that....

By that time.....


Piggy Land by Hovel. He wrote a 5 page story. See the beginning and see if you can write 5 pages.

Piggy is a pig of course, but he can talk. One day Piggy was so bored that he ate and slept all day. Then he called his friend, Hovy, to play with him. Piggy and Hovy decided to go to the forest. When they got there, they saw a big wooden boat floating on the river. Piggy wanted to play on the boat. So he went in. When Hovy saw that he went into the boat too. When they got in the boat started to fly. It flew higher and higher. Suddenly the boat was speeding up and it flew into a black hole. Piggy and Hovy could not see anything. So they lay on the boat and wished the boat wouldn't crush. Later they saw sunlight. They opened their eyes and saw a place they never saw before, they reached another world.
The boat was slowing down. Then it stopped at the Sky Sea. Piggy and Hovy looked down. The world had nothing but magical things and food. Piggy said, "I got an idea! Nobody has been to this place before, right??
"Right, "answered Hovy.
"We are the first people to come here, right?" said Piggy.
"Right, "answered Hovy.
"So we can name this place and this is our world," said Piggy.
"Why didn't I think of that? It's a great idea! cried Hovy.
"What name do you want?

Just at that moment.....

Water Land by Kyle

Once upon a time, there was a young boy named Kyle. He came from China. He lived in a biggest place in the world, called Waterland, it is the most beautiful place in the world. If you have been there before, you will never forget it. Although Kyle, the master of the castle called it Waterland, some people like to call it Fongland.
In Waterland there are two cats who live with Kyle. One of them is a Robot Cat, It is very smart, and he can talk the human language. His name is Dian-Dong, but Kyle called him DO-La-A-Mong. One day Kyle's parents called him by mobile phone asked him to visit his grandparent's uncle, aunt and his cousin. So he flew to Vancouver. His cousin has a lot of friends, they went to visit Kyle's castle.

This is the place and characters in this land. What adventures could happen in such a wonderful place.

What happened next was....

Rainbow Land and Monster Land by Ronny

(started with Kevin)

Once upon a time there were only two lands in the planet Seven-Up. The were called Rainbow Land and Monster Land. They are enemies to each other. They always fight about what they have.
One day there was a child called Johnny. He wanted to stop the battle, so he asked the Gods how to stop the battle. The Gods said, "You have to make a bridge to attach the Rainbow Land and the Monster Land. Johnny knew how to build a bridge so he asked the architects to build the bridge for him, and the architects said no because they were enemies. Johnny doesn't know what to so he asked the Gods again and the Gods said, "You have to think of an idea by yourself."

What idea would you think of to make a Bridge of Peace between these lands?



Mongs Soccer World by Jason

Once upon a time there was Korean Mongs and Brazilian Mongs. They were fighting each other. So they decided to play soccer and when one team won the other team would have to go to their land. They were going to use a Flying Ball.
They started the game; at half time the Koreans scored a goal. They both drank water. Then the Brazilian scored a point but the Korean scored after the Brazilian. Whenever the Brazilian shoots the Korean goalie catches the ball and when the Korean shoots the ball flies to the sky and scores. But the interesting thing is this always happened. The total score was 79-1!!!
So the Brazilian Mongs go to the other land, and they practice soccer as much as they can, and right now they are the best in Soccer!

What game could you have with a Flying Ball?


Peaceful and Evil Land

by Allison, Cynthia, Jasmine,Viya and art also by Yolanda

Once upon a time, there were two lands. One of the lands was named ''Peaceful land'', and the other was named ''Evil land''.
On the evil side, there were monsters yelling and shouting, dragon warriors killing innocent people. Everything is the evil side were just killing, blood, and darkness. But on the other side, which was peaceful land, it had elves dancing and singing, fairies playing beautiful tune. Peaceful land was full of happiness and kindness.

The eternal conflict of Evil and Goodness are in this story. The three girls each wrote their own story to try to resolve the conflicts. One had an evil king who came to Happy Land not to return, another had a Dragon with fire and another a lost precious ring that was stolen Viya wrote about the ring that controlled the power of the whole land. Everyone in the kingdom kept searching and searching, they just couldn't find it! So the king decided Evil must of stole the ring; he wanted to find out why and get it back.

What will happened to God Agent? How could the king find the ring? Will he find the ring ? The story is to be continued, you're always welcome to use your imaginations!

What would your story be in this magic place?





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