Create Your Own Myths

Della's workshop in Vancouver

Della is leading a workshop in Writing, Art and Storytelling children from all over the world. Children came from Korea, China, Japan and Mexico. They even are creating their own original Hero/Heroines and Imaginary Places. They are written by and for children or the "child within" Check it out! Scroll down! . See the problems in the stories and think of your own solutions????? Use transitions at the beginning of a sentence such as After that, And then, But instead of that, By the time, Eventually, Next, Soon, Just at that moment, Surprisingly, Meanwhile,Soon afterwards, But instead of that,Just at this moment,And what happened next was....


Unusual Country by Young Ho and Kevin

There is a 3 headed Dragon, Teddy BearCastle, Battle Palace,Card King ,Card Helpers, Happy Tree and Flying Mountain in this Unusual Country.

What do you think could happen here? Who can live in the Castle and Palace?One morning....


..Just at this moment......



Sky Life by Justin&Ted

Once there was a kingdom called Sky Life. the blue character is Windian and the pink and yellow Sundian. There are many stories of what can happen in this kingdom and these towns.Justin and Ted wrote two stories.

Justin tells one of betrayal and the enemy Mush, Mush and a surpising unexpected ending.What kind of unexpected ending could you think of?

Ted tells of the king Mush Mush who took money from citizens illegally. There is many battles and adventures until justice reigns. In the end how can all happily end? Eventually.....



Secret World by Art

Once upon a time there was a land called Art's Secret Land. Here there was a Happy Mountain, Candy Mountain, Flower Island, Food Boat, Chocolate River, Disguided Moon, Talking Trees, Shell Lake, Bubble Forest & Art's House.


What adventures can happen in this Secret World?

The Friends of the Magical Island by Willie
Once upon a time there was a Beaver Child and he was friends with the Flower. They lived in the Fruit Beach. On the Fruit Beach there was all kinds of fruit. One day they saw a airplane fly into the International Airport. The Airplane had a spell. How can it be broken?

After a while.....


Space Flight(or Fight)by Kittie&Win

Once upon at time there was a planet called Fruit Planet. The people on the planet were not as kind as the people on the Earth. The peope on the Fruit Planet were called Bebeon.
In space there as 7 planets.What can happen next here?

Under the Sea by Lisa&Julie

In the land of Color Land there are two towns. One is called Blue Town and the second town is called Red Town. Both towns are very happy.The only unhappy place is the jail. It all started when....

How can a story develop?




Imaginary World by Emily&Wendy&Jenny&Kelly

Once there was a Fly Beaver and a Fly Horse. They traveled all around the imaginary place. The Fly Beaver went to Play Land and rode the roller coaster . Suddenly horse came and they met each other. Soon afterwards...?













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