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Della Burford at
the Immaculate Conception School Vancouver,

"An ArtSmart Project"

Thanks to the project coordinator Rowena Taylor, and many teachers including teacher Meika Wizinsky and Joe the Gr. 7 teacher.

This project increased the appreciation of art and culture. The Kindergarten classes had storytelling and made Rainforest Animals Paintings, Angel Paintings, a paper Rainforest Mural, Extraordinary Friend puppets and Picture Books. Curriculum areas of Art, Language Art, Drama, Movement and Music were combined in activity follow-up

Since the project focused on creativity and educating children about the enviroment, Della combined "Dodoland" and "Magical Earth". Dodoland is a place to find creativity and Magical Earth Secrets is a book and Activity Guide to learn about the Environment.Painting was done large and small. Activities were done individually and shared.

Della worked with the Kindergarten clases on creating their Angels to help and protect the Earth.The children enjoyed being creative and knowing they could make a difference.

A parent at the school,Susan Mclennan, co-authored a book with Della called "Out of the Ordinary Extraordinary Friends. The children made finger puppets with Susan.

Students in the Gr 7 class made picture books with Della of their own imaginary places. They wrote some fabulous stories and illustrated them.

They had a final day in the library where the work was displayed for the parents and community to share.

The older students read and showed their books to the younger students.

The Love and Protect the Earth Celebration was enjoyed by the artist and the teachers, students and parents.

Della wants to thank everyone that helped so much in making this a wonderful celebration. The biggest hugs go to the children. May you always have your
Dream Angels nearby!.


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