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Della storytelling at
the 'Festival of Children' at South Coast Plaza,

Newport Beach, California
Sponsored by the Ambassadors for the Arts

Thanks also to the Earthchild Environment Foundation.
Della on the stage at the Jewel Court for the second set of storytellings.,
These "Jewel Court"storytelling were dedicated to the man who published "Journey to Dodoland" 25 years ago - Dr. Dick Mazurek, who lived in Los Angles, Laguna Beach and Palm Springs.

The organizers Sandy Segerstrom Daniels (left) and Cherie Rolapp Khan (right), were busy organizing a fantastic month of activities. In the middle is Della Burford - author/artist/storyteller and Eve Foussard - Executive Director of the "Ambassador for the Arts"

Since the Festival focuses on creativity and educating children, Della combined "Dodoland" and "Magical Earth". Dodoland is a place to find creativity and Magical Earth Secrets is a book and Activity Guide to learn about the Environment

Della did her first storytelling at the Carousel Court. For both storytellings there was people watching around and from the balcony above.
The Carousel storytelling was dedicated to the late Desiree & Lyle Burford.

Della believes children can learn about the environment through art creative writing, drama and music and become empowered through the process to know they can make a difference in the world.

Children participated in wearing bird helmets to listen to the story and kept them to be reminded of their own uniqueness and individuality. They joined in doing sign language of the Secrets learned by Eagle Child. There was a large screen where the illustrations were shown from Della's books via DVD.

Children joined in a Singing Tree Song which is the tree in Dodoland where is lights up with different color lights as children sing. Music was chosen for the storytelling from the"Rhythm of the World" CD by Robert Anthony Aviles & band from Circles of Life USA.
The Ambassador of the Arts had books of Magical Earth Secrets and the "Environmental Activity Guide" available for people to buy at their table. This is Della and Eve Foussard with Eagle Child.

Della and Eagle Child storytold together at the Festival.

Della enjoyed the Carousel and Jewel Court, making rainbows at the Festival, and hearing about so many wonderful things different organizations were doing to help our children on the planet.

Della wants to thank Ambassadors of the Arts- Michael Bacon, Victor Barron, Eve Foussard and Nitin Patel-, thanks also to the Earthchild Environment Foundation for their kind support, the Organizers of the Festival, Circles of Life USA - Art and Robert Aviles for permission to use music and support, Dale Bertrand for work on image presentation and Glen Burford for the DVD made of Della's paintings in the storytelling of "Dodoland' and "Magical Earth Secrets". In the photos below are, on the left, Victor, Della and organizer Cherie Rolapp Khan. On the right Cherie, Della, Nitin Patel and his son (one of twins!).

The biggest hugs goes to the children who participated. This was a Dodoland adventure. Thank you everyone.
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