"Creating Imaginary Lands" with Della.. for the child within all of us!


Della is teaching Storyelling, writing and art with international students in Vancouver. They even are creating their own original Imaginary Story Maps and Imaginary Characters... most are for the child within us all. Check it out! Scroll down! We will only show the beginnings of the stories. Think of a problem and peaceful solution?? We are using transitions at the beginning of paragraphs such as After that, And then, But instead of that, By the time, Eventually, Next, Soon, Just at that moment, Surprisingly, Meanwhile,Soon afterwards, But instead of that,Just at this moment,And what happened next was.... We have just shown the beginnings.. how can the story develop and end? below.

Miracle Land by Suzi

This is a land with a Lemondade Ocean, Elf's Forest, Fruit Juice Pond, Mushroom Village, Flower Garden, Syrup Lake, Shape Sky, Rainbow Bridge and Shiny Village. Here lives a bird called Wood Bird who has found a a clean place to live as many hunters were hunting them for medicine so they were almost extinct.

They live in the Natural Forest here. What adventures can theWood bird have???

In the beginning....


Mr. Request by Rachel

Long time ago, a man lived in a little town called Mr. Request. He was a poor man. One day this egg came out of his backyard and said "You just put a wish in my mouth and it will come true." He requested a lot of mney; He went to bed and to his surprise the next day there was a lot of money heaped in his yard.

What would your wish be for Mr. Request?

See below the Wonderful land created by Anny with Fruit Stores, Secret Mountains, and a Sushi family.

What can happen here???

Just at that moment.....


Soya Source Ocean by Alanas

( An Imaginary Food Land)

This place has a Soya Source Ocean, Spaghetti Hospital, Blueberry School, Chocolate Flower Park, Jelly Lake, a Soya Source Milk Factory, and a Cheese, Potato and Ginger Family House etc.

Here lived Little Cheese and his family below in their Cheese House.

What adventure could happen in Alanas Imaginary yummy Food land??

Fantastic Garden World by Connie

Once there was a fantastic Garden. Inside the Garden there was lots of flower. Between the flowers there was butterflies. The flowers are strange as they only open up to the butterflies who interest them. The butterflies have to sing and dance to interest the flowers.

Once they had a problem -they didn't have enough honey to eat- what can they do??

Cloudbird's Land by Daphne

Daphne has created a land with a Orange Ocean, Lemon Beach, Cloud forest, River Rice, Fly Bus, Canady forest and Bread Mountain for Cloud Bird who is part bird and part cloud who floats and fly like a cloud. You can't see them as they look like clouds.

What wonderful adventure can happen???

Toast Map by Barbie

This map has a Sleepy Wood, Box Land, Future T.V.. Beauty Lake, Music town, Magic river and Monster Town. One day the Toast Family are very brave and go to the Monster Town. What can happen that creates an adventure and has a problem but positive solution???

What surpisingly thing can happen next....

Pipi's Land by Mari

Pipi's Land had Pudding Mountain, a yacht, sun, island, sea shells, crab, coconut tree and tulips. Pipi has a pig head and a horn. He is pink and can't swim but can run fast. A Giant Crab came to eat Pudding Mountain. How can the mountain be saved using a peaceful solution?



Otter Land by Eric

In this land lived Bo-no-bo-no. There was a lot of angry fish here that could cause problems unless there could be a solution. Lets' make them peaceful. What ideas do you have?

Popo Goat Land by Andy

In this land there is a beach water, grass, fish and little trees. The animals plant the trees. The problem is that the trees are so little. What can be done? Think of some good ideas!

The Angel Land by Robin

Robin has created a land with a Jelly Mountain, holy forest, Play Land, Cup of Volcano, River of Love, Grave and Flying School.What a great setting for a far- out story! Think of your own ideas!

Fight for Justice Land by Wilson

In this land with fire Fountain Mountains, A Playground Moon, Kayak Pond, Training Forest, Camping House Cube Mountain, Cloud City and Flying Station anything is possible. Wilson has a character named Fighter who wont' eat and sleep but still lives. He flies and he fights for justice. What can a story of justice can be created for this imaginative land????


Rainforest Land by Tim

In this land is a Sun god. He had a human voice and walked like a human. He like to protect others in the city.There are four members guarding the city and they are called Sky Kingdom, Energy God, Moon Kingdom and the leader Sun God. Sun god controls the power of the Sun and he is the strongest. Sky kingdom can fly and Energy God carries heavy things. Moon God is the fastest of all. Now that you have the characters and picture of the setting what is the story?

Weather Land by Anthony

Weather land has a strange raindrop like character living in it. What adventure can it have?



The Fantastic Tiger by Guilloume

This young French boy has created a fantastic tiger sounds like a cat and walks very fast. He chases zebras. He lives in a place with grass, clouds, trees, cave and lightning. In this land there is a magic wand. How can this object be used to make an exciting adventure?

The Land of Ping by Clemence

This young French girl ( sister of the boy above) has created a Ping Family - A boy named Ding Boy, a mother who cooks, father who speaks slowly and little sister called Ping girl. Once upon a time Ding Boy got lost in the forest. His parents go to look for him and search high and low. Where can they look and what adventure can they have to try to find him???












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