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Story Map

Draw a story map. Draw on your map real or imaginary trees. Draw in your own real or imaginary body of water - an ocean, lake, pond, stream or river. Think of different mountains or some unusual houses. Write a story to go with your map or a story for one of the maps of students from Marigold school in Victoria. (Mr.Wilson's class)

Marigold used Dodo Land in Cyberspace as a playground with Della leading them in workshops. (Sponsored by the Community Arts Council of Greater Victoria)

You are locked in one of these lands illustrated below. Find the places listed in the pictures. You have to spend more time than expected. What happens to you in these places? Send your answer by email to dodoland@dodoland.com


SingingMountains Mushroom Village Happy Falls Home of Queen Earth


Wheel of Eternity Ribbon of Fate Man Trap Mountain Bubble World

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