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Mixed- Up Character Stories

Write a mixed-up character story. Make up a character who's head, body and feet are different. Think of where it lives. Write a story about a problem being solved using your character as the main hero.


 "TheAdventure of Planetearthurn Friends" by Wendy Burns

It was just a normal day in the town of Fawltini on the planet of Carey Sachs.

Planetearthurn and his friends Chickzebbit and Concorntree were just messing around like most 14 year olds did. But then, the Trios (as they were known) their worst enemies, Pollgun and Litterbom paid a visit to them.

What do you think could happen and how could Plantearthurn help?


There was once two best, best, best friends.

One of them was called Yambaz. He has three heads, a P.O's body and chicken legs.

Zabee had a cloud head, fish body and chip legs. One day Zabee was moving hous. Yambez was heartbroken. There was a problem. They could not see each other any more.

What do you think they could do?

 The Secret Planet
 by Harry Kharilwara Akhmed


 There was a strange looking person who had an alien head, fish body and his name was Boo boo.

Its friend was strange too and it's name was noo-noo.One day they went to the wishing tree because Boo-boo had lost that funny little thing in the middle of her body. The wishing tree said, "You must go to the Magical Star and she will tell you what to do."

What a problem, how can this be solved?

 "The Magical Island"
 by Savibah

All the stories are done by pupils from Parkhill School, Birmingham, England

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