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Another Imaginative Program
Soundloop Yo-groovy Beats

Della worked with some students at a Summer School and they did great Imaginative art. Some wrote stories to go with their Art. Tthey used Della's Art before stories methods.

Hamtory Land has houses, apartments, mountains and water. One day he went to Victoria and helped a person who was playing the violin. Created by Minky Dumpling lives in my house. She eats buns. She helps her friend who is a mixed dish of vegetable. They went to Dumpling School. Created by Winky
Papaya the Dinosaur created by Eric. He is 1000 years old. He lives in paper. He eats running shoes. He helps his friend Rabbit. Ji Yeon gives her hand to a hamster who needs a home, the butterfly who needs a flower garden and a mermaid who needs the ocean. She became friends with them all.

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