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Susan Musgrave, Writer

Susan Musgrave was born in 1951 and has lived in British Columbia since 1953, mostly on Vancouver Island. After extended periods in California and in England and Ireland, she spent two years in the Queen Charlotte Islands off the northern coast of British Columbia.

She is considered to be one of the best of Canada's poets. In England Sceptre Press has published four phamplets of her poems: Skuld, Birthstone, Equinox and Kung.

Anyone who has lived in a very deep garden, or heard an elephant breathing outside the window at night, will know just how to look at her book called Gullband.
It has bewitching simplicity and rich fantasy.

In May of 1997 for a year, Susan was the chair of the Writers Union of Canada.

Her latest children's book is DREAMS ARE MORE REAL THAN BATHTUBS published by Orca, 1998 and illustrated by Marie-Louise Gay.
It was selected by The Canadian Children's Book Centre for Our Choice 1999-2000.

Other AWARDS :
Four times shortlisted for the Governor General's Literary Award.
Vicky Metcalf Short Story Editor's Award, 1996.
Tilden (CBC/Saturday Night)
Canadian Literary Award for Poetry, 1996.
People's Choice Poetry Award, Prairie Schooner Magazine
1994. B.P. Nichol Poetry Chapbook Award
1991. R.P. Adams Memorial Prize for Short Fiction (U.S.A.)
National Magazine Award (silver), 1981


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