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Get to know Lynn and Nigel Whitehouse

Two remarkable innovators are Lynn and Nigel Whitehouse who have been living 34 years in Chad, Africa. Here is Lynn on a camel and Alexandra at her birthday. They have adopted 15 children, Alexandra is there youngest who is six.

   They are founders of the”Les Etoiles Brillantes-The Brilliant Stars Schools in Chad and even though Lynn was in a horrific car accident and broke her neck her drive and willpower keeps her at her work.

There are three campuses: a kindergarten/preschool, the primary/elementary school, and the middle/high school.

  “There is a national curriculum and to this they add concern for protection of the environment, emphasize  virtues and values like honesty, and equality of the sexes.

Various individuals have helped in the buildings in Rohani including those who are named on this plaque.

 Lynn and Nigel will provide a teacher if a school is built and extra materials besides the chalk board. A year ago Nomads built a tent like structure and when we arrived there was 50 kids who wanted to go to school. We said they needed two structures as it was best to divide that number in two as it is very hot.

Della and Dale saw photographs taken by their daughter Alexandra (who is six) and decided to help with Bruce and Patti to contribute a camera to her to keep up her photography. Bruce and Patti will also sponsor a teacher. There are many ways to help including becoming a volunteer for a year.

Can you help??

  If there is any way you can come up with a collection for the school it would be tremendously appreciated by everyone including the children. $1000 pays for a teacher for one year. Any small amount really helps keep things moving forward. Please contact Nigel at ncpwhitehouse@yahoo.ca
Thanks so much 

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