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Marijke Sluijter,
Innovative Educator

Marijke has developed a fabulous new website for educators - Connectedness

Marijke hasalsodeveloped a magazine called Educare.
Educare is a magazine about raising, living together and
learning with children in harmony with the laws of nature.

It is a platform for thinkers and doers who are living examples
of practical ideas and exchange information on the relationship
between educator-child. Educare is more than a magazine. It is
also a link in a live network of educators who seek an answer
to the questions of our time:

How do we create an inter-cultural society in which children
are part of the whole and they feel co-creators?
How we contribute to a hospitable planet, where every child is
adequately nourished, protected and will be taught?
Universal Education Foundation was established in 1982,
inspired by an international conference in Italy, where
speakers called for an education with compassion and solidarity
in response to the environment and migration problems they saw.

The aim of the foundation is to initiate, support and connect
ideas and practices that contribute to the life and learning in
wholeness and connectedness. For the development of education, training
and assistance service the magazine has CISA Educare and
the website was set up www.educare.nl. Dozens of volunteers contribute to the project.

Our vision for education Educare is Latin for nurturing, this is in the sense of triggering
development. Teaching is part of this and education is a lifelong
dynamic process. The teacher develops the child as the child's
parents develop. The Educator is involved in a continuous process of
education and awareness.

Marijke Sluijter
EduQreation / hoofdredacteur Educare
Hendrik Marsmanweg 16
4103 WS Culemborg
Tel: 0345 - 523877

Marijek lives in a community called Eva Lanxmeer which
Marijke says, "It is an eco-village with huge orchard and farm and every group of houses has
their own garden. The colors of the house Marijke lives in is light blue and orange,the garden
in the centre has a big walnut tree, apple trees, berries, roses, butterfly
garden and grape lane. There is lots of participation and community life."

Marijke Sluijter

The EFTA Foundation Center for Ecological Education, Information and Advice
was established in October 1994 with the aim of bridging the gap between the
environmental policies of the government and large groups in society by raising
awareness and involvement in several (global) issues. As a means, we saw the apparent
experience and making environment in the built environment and creating conditions
for people directly involved in the design of their own environment.

The Foundation was established from EFTA an association of people from various
disciplines: architecture, landscape architecture, energy, agriculture, higher education,
health and art. From the desire to contribute to increasing the support for sustainable
development in society, they have taken the initiative for the creation of a national
example for environmental and sustainable urban development. The knowledge acquired
in this achievement of the EFA project is the foundation for the activities
program of the EVA Center.

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