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Edna Reti

Meet a good friend and supporter, Edna Reti. Della met Edna just before she retired from her teaching career in Toronto elementary schools. Della was invited to Edna's class to tell the Dodoland story, draw and paint with them. For Edna helping children is an adventure in itself. She is also chair of the Earthchild Environment Foundation. Last year the foundation sponsored a trip to study the Monarch butterflies in Mexico. This year we will participate in creating a Virtual Vessell for the Globetree meeting of children in Stockholm.

Nutrition has always been a big passion of Edna's ever since her childhood on a farm in Saskatchewan, Canada. Edna believes that nutrition affects our ability to learn. The accumulated and increased use of chemicals points to a dramatic loss of minerals and other nutrients in our foods - minerals equal physical and mental vitality - and minerals equates taste also. Edna first took charge of her own health and chose to include Super Blue Green Algae in her diet. Aphanizomenon Flos-Aquae (for short) is a most nutrient dense wild aquatic food. Edna doesn't hesitate to call it "Earth's First Food".

Q: Is there a real source of safe wild and whole food still available on our planet?
A: Yes - and it grows in Upper Klamath Lake in Southern Oregon. Every spring, the lake is one most awesome sight - the algae grows back, nourished by some thirty feet of mineral sediments deposited on the bottom of the lake.
SBGA has been around for 12 million years - I guess that qualifies it as a survival food. It contains essential nutrients you probably can't find anywhere else in such concentrations. SBGA brings renewable, abundant and usable energy, more mental presence and concentration - energy for Life.

Current scientific studies are researching several aspects of this wonder food. Preliminary results show SBGA is a powerful agent in the prevention of cancer, and other degenerative and debilitating diseases. (scientific report summary available upon request.)

Q: Can humans, animals and even plants all benefit from using SBGA?
A: Yes - SBGA grows in great abundance - it renews itself after the cold winter and self reproduces every thirty minutes or so. Super Blue Green Algae, a most fascinating, food which helps replace the elements lost in our processed, irradiated, chemichalized, and over cooked foods. Edna can't help but noticing that we are in a health revolution. Twenty years ago you would have been hard pressed to find scientific literature highlighting the importance of diet to our health and in our lives at large. Today, the medical journals abound with references to the benefits of BGA. The food we eat is key to the level of health or illness we experience. "You are what you eat". Edna spends a great deal of time letting people know about what she considers the most powerful of all natural whole foods on earth.

Edna says that eating algae is ancient wisdom. The algae converts light into tons of chlorophyll, the plant's blood - Imagine - putting SBGA in your body is like eating a piece of ancient knowledge - it's like putting direct sunlight in our bodies.

Four thousand years ago, Chinese herbalists were treating vitamin deficiency and other imbalance related diseases with algae. Different strains of algae are still used as a digestive aid throughout the orient. In Central and South America the Aztecs and Mayans were avid consumers of algae, as were the Hawa´ens. In the Klamath Basin and Cascades, native populations like the Modocs harvested this sacred food from the shores of the lake, shaped it into patties, then put them to dry in the warm Southern Oregon sun.

And today, the whole harvesting, freeze-drying, and proprietary processes make SBGA the most tested food. In fact, SBGA is harvested and processed by standards of safety and purity rated above and beyond any of the industry or government requirements. And the conscious marketing of the company also makes it appealing for you to try the algae for yourself or share this bounty with others.

There is so much more I would love Edna to tell you. I just lifted the corner of the whole truth! So please, get in touch with her - your whole outlook on health, life and well being will transform you and your family, and friends, like it did for me.

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