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Get to know Della Burford

Della Burford was born in Saskatoon and graduated from the New York School of Interior Design, and has degrees from the University of Alberta and Queen’s University. When very young she was encouraged to story-tell in her bird helmet and paint by her artist mother. After meeting her Twin Flame and soul-mate she made her home in Toronto, Greece, Spain, Vancouver Mexico, England and most recently Vancouver Island. Together they have been inspired by travelling throughout Europe and Asia, and exploring sacred Stone Sites in Cornwall, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Mexico. Her Fantasy and Visionary Art has been inspired by dreams, different cultures, ancient knowledge, and imagination. Her fascination with dreams had led her to create 36 years of visionary Dream Wheels. She has authored/painted several books - her first being"Journey to Dodoland" which was extravagantly published in Los Angles in 1977 and won a Printers Institute of America award and has a second editon "Dodoland Adventures". It was also an improv theatre production and she helped in the playwrighting, co- direced, and designed costume. Her second book authored/painted "Magical Earth Secrets" (reality/fantasy) was published by the Western Canada Wilderness Committee- its environmental message was beautifully portrayed in what became a best seller in Canada. A companion "Environmental Activity Guide" was published. Her stories have been shared in various locations in New York, at the Concert Hall in Stockholm, and the World Island Festival in Korea and by the 100% Parade group in Japan.

. The "Journey to Dodo Land" and "The Magical Earth Secrets" were an designer's dream as she was able to help design the books. "Magical Earth Secrets" and the "Environmental Activity Guide" were written before the environment was a popular topic. "Dodo Land" and "Magical Earth" both were plays in New York and was performed for seven years, in which, she helped in writing, direction, and design. The most exciting performances for her was at the Museum of Natural History, the Discovery Theatre at the Smithsonian Institute, in Guatemala for teachers of the physically challenged, and to children in East Harlem schools. "Imaginations Unlimited" had over 100,000 children come to their performances and visit Dodo Land. Now Dodo Land is on the internet as Dodo Land in Cyberspace and it has had 1 million visitors visit 21 million pages in twenty one years. The story of "The Magical Earth Secrets" was performed as a play in New York before it was a book. Swedish children performed the story at the Globetree Conference at the concert hall in Stockholm. She also loved the puppet dance show at the Centennial Library in Edmonton with Maria Formolo Dance,the one at the World Festival of Island Cultures in Korea, the Sea Salish Day at the Children's Festival in Vancouver and the Celebrity Storytelling at the Festival of Children hosted by the South Coast Plaza in Newport Beach California. In developing her new healing story- "Miracle" Galaxy which is a problem/opportunity story with eight angels to heal and bring happiness and health she did a workshop in Holland on "Creating your own Healing Stories"; and worked with children at Immaculate Conception School and did a workshop in Toronto called "Make an Angel for Japan". . Her book "Miracle Galaxy" and the second edition of "Dodoland Adventures","Journey to a Lotus" and "Dream Wheels" are available and she would like them to be shared with the people (big and small) all over the world and is always looking for people to collaborate with on all her stories to create a creative and healing vision for the planet. They have been storytold and workshopped internationally in Mexico, Gautemala, Korea, Bali, England, Japan and Holland and she is open to new opportunities. Della taught design at Humber College in Toronto and worked with the Inner City Angels program as an artist in residence for 18 years. Her students have and still do inspire her so she enjoys planning special author storytelling and workshops. She enjoys collaborations with other artists. She does her own design/art work from our home/studio in Nanaimo in Canada overlooking the Woodstream Park and near the ocean. Her painting from her books and latest work can be see at the Della Burford's website. She is curated show of International artist called "Imagination Reigns" for the "Spirit of Writing and Art " in Bali where she leads workshops. She was thrilled to receive 1st place in the Graphic category for Visionary
art at the Visionary Art Show & Conference in Moscow in April 2018. Her studio on Vancouver Island is inspirational for her and a great places to paint, write and create.

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Della Burford

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