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Pat Brennan, Scupltor Extroadinaire!

Pat descibes herself as an explorer of both the "outer and inner" portrait of people, as well as the multiple forces that put the human spirit together. As a artist she has exhibited her paintings, sculptures and mixed media installations both locally and internationally.

In the late seventies and early eighties, she experimented with photo silkscreen on porcelain as well as clay-print painting on canvas. She developed some minatures after doing some work with the former clown master, Richard Pochinko at the Theatre Resource Centre in Toronto.

Patricia has concentrated the last few years on a sculpture installation called Guardians and Arkangels From Earth, which has been portraits of friends and aquaintances, each expressed with a mythological theme. Della, the author or Dodoland was sculpted as one of the angels. Many of the scuptures are of professional dancers. The project was given a grant to tour Russia in 1991.

Recently in Algoma, Ontario, Canada the sculptures were the inpiration for a interdisciplinary installation with a sculpture exhibition and a dance production integrating western, native and dance traditions with the native part being danced by a First Nations dance group called WA WA Taye Mee Win- Dancing Northern Lights.

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