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Bob Chelmick

Bob Chelmick is a veteran broadcaster who got his start at CKUA in 1969 and has returned after a 28 year absence. He is also a photographer, visual artist and documentary producer. His creative visual work can be seen at www.chelmick.com. As a photographer Bob is a member of the Alberta Society of Artists whose work has been published frequently and exhibited in museums and galleries across Canada and beyond. Along with creative art photography for exhibition and public commissions, Bob is active making images for commercial clients including portraiture, book and CD covers and still life work.

Bob developed an international reputation as a visual artist while maintaining a 25 year career as news anchor journalist and program host for CBC television and radio. His news documentary work received a national award from the Radio and TV News Directors Association. As well as taking up duties as host of Alberta Morning beginning February 3rd and producing The Road Home for CKUA, Bob develops and produces projects for the CBC radio program Ideas (Hafiz and Bob, Ferlinghetti - The Last Bohemian, Roma vs. Amor, The Cathar Genocide).

Bob has a long history as a speaker, seminars presenter and master of ceremonies. His presentations often involve multimedia visuals and words of wisdom from a diverse cultural spectrum. The impact of intuition on the creative process and the power of the photograph as a bridge between the worlds of art and science and of silence and activity are common themes.



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