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Susan Jane Stuart Wakefield Thomas

Artist from Brazil

Susan was born in Rio de Janeiro, and ever since her early days she was always drawing. At ten her parent put her in a class run by an Italian Professoro of Art. Later she studied at the University of Belas Artes of Rio de Janeiro. In 1972 Susan moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina. She won four places in an art exhibition including 1st place for a painting called "Stormy" which won the "Quincho de Plata" in Bologne, Buenos Aires. Returning to Brazil she continued her studies in Sao Paulo. At the end on 1974 her family moved to Vitoria,Espirito Santo. There she started to give drawing and painting classes that have continued to this day. She gives free classes to underprivileged children who live in the hills around Angra dos Reis and in the state of Rio De Janeiro. Here she has a week-end house at the edge of the Atlantic Rain Forest, surrounded by mountains and sea. Here she paints the flora and fauna.

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