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Doug Riseborough

California Artist

Doug Riseborough is an artist from California who has had an prolific life of painting murals. Doug realized at the age of 9 and he was living in Toronto that he should paint. He showed a pianting in the Toronto Art Gallery as a young student and when his class went in to see the work his work was described prophetically an "famous Canadian Artist" - which was his work as a boy. He realized after that he was a natural painter and so he studied art and worked as a painter all his life.

Doug moved to California in 1959 to the Hollywood Hills. In 1962 he painted for the World Fair "The Ascendance of Stone Age Man to their present state. He showed the Emergend of the Native peole into our Culture - Chief Tarire severing the umbilical cord tht connects him to the past. For inspiration to paint these pieces Doug went to the Amazon to live in a small Indian settlement where Tarire lived. It was shown on the Avenue of the Americas. Doug also did a mural for Rockerfeller Center in New York His work spread to many parts of the world. His murals are in prestigious locations such as many Museums and Universities. Four years ago he painted two murals at the same time, one in Hawaii which was 4 stories high representing the creation of Maui and one in Saudi Arabia at Kriyada at the Prince's palace.

Doug's creativity has been a great inpiration for Della and Doug was responsible for the "first contact" of where and how the first book of Dodoland was published. Della painted some of the Dodoland paintings at Doug's former home in the Kootenay Valley. He lived for many years in the Hollywood Hills and presently lives in Palm Springs. His life is an inspiration for many people.

Della and Dale recently visited Doug in his Palm Springs home and studio and once again felt inspired. We love being around Doug's creativity.




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