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Make a "Switch off" Poster!

See this artist/ hero swinging. Be an Environmental Hero/Heroine and create a poster/art to help save the the earth by encouraging people to "switch off" and reduce Co2!

Be creative and make wonderful art and think of a catchy slogan!

1. Reduce, Reuse Recycle Switch to buying items that can be recycled or reused again !

2. Switch to items that use less packaging and therefore less energy to produce.

3. Switch what you have with what someone else has .. Have a garage sale to reuse
things you not longer need or use. Someone else will enjoy them!

4. Switch to buying things that will have a longer life and not disposable items.

5. Switch to public transit, a bike or walk , if you or your family uses a car share a ride ... suggest a car pool.

6. Switch your lights off when not using and be efficient with heat and use a fan rather than air conditioning.

7. Switch to using alternative energy sources such as solar energy and wind energy when possible.

8. Switch to green ... Plant a tree - During photosynthesis the plants absorb CO2 and give off oxygen.. a single tree helps.

9.Love and protect our Air - Use less CO2.

These ideas are from Marijke Sluitjer in Holland who has translated Magical Earth Secrets to Dutch. by Della Burford

The Magical Earth Secrets book can be seen in the Western Canada Wilderness Committee Store. It has also been translated into Dutch by Marijke Sluitjer at Educare.

Della's other books Dodoland Adventures, Miracle Galaxy, Dream Wheels, Earth Action, Star Galaxy for the World can be seen on a link in our store.

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