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Acid Rain

Make a "No Acid Rain" Poster - Activity from "Earth Action" p 18

Solution to Pollution

Poster by a student from Garneau School,
Edmonton, Alberta.

The blanket of air around the earth called the atmosphere is full of water.
Most of the water moisture is in the form of an invisible gas called water
vapour. If it is cooled it forms small droplets called clouds, rain, mist or fog.
When the water vapour in the air mixes with gases from factories, or car
exhausts, the water vapour dissolves and become acidic. Sulphur dioxide
is created by power plants and metal smelters. Nitrogen oxide comes from the exhaust of cars. These gases when mixed in the air cause acid rain which can harm trees, and interfers with how plants grow. Fish that are exposed to acid rain cannot get oxygen properly in their gills. The may not lay eggs.

Solutions: Drive less, walk, cycle or share rides.
Use alternative sources of energy like solar or wind.
Turn off a light.

Use electrical appliances with conservation in mind.
Love and care for the water.

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