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Favourite Tree Dance - Poem or Song

Flutter Flump plants seeds that become trees. Think of a tree and what it gives you and why you love it. Consider how it gives us oxygen, gives homes for the animals, food for humans and animals, keeps us cool and gives us beauty.
Pretend you are a tree. Feel your roots go deep in the earth. Feel your buds come in spring, let the buds open into flowers. What is it like to be a blossoming tree? Your seeds being blown away by the wind? The slight chill in the air and the knowledge that fall is coming. Let your red, orange and yellow leaves fall off the tree. Your leaves go in the soil and become the mother earth again. Be a tree in winter when snowflakes fall. Be very still when you have icicles from your branches.
Draw or photograph yourself and your favourite tree and send it to us. Write a poem or song about your favourite tree.

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