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Endangered or Extinct Species Poster

Soundloop Joyful Tamer - Quarrain
Panda: "I am on the endangered animal list which means there is a danger that we could become extinct. Some animals that are currently on the endangered list are: me the Panda, the condor, jaguar, cheetah, tiger, mountain gorilla, harp seal, orangutan, sea turtles, grizzly bear and the golden marmoset, just to mention a few. There are some special animals in your area that should be protected.

Which endangered animals do you love the most and how can they be protected? Make a poster of the animal you love. Create a picture and write a slogan. A slogan is a few words to describe your feelings. The important thing is to express how you love and care.

Make a small version of the poster or a photograph and send them to us. A few selected ones will be posted."

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