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The Star Secret

After learning the Lovewind's secret, the Eagle Child was not satisfied and wanted to fly higher to space. Lovewind told the Eagle Child "To be able to fly into space, you must go far to the west and into the night and find my sister the Star Bird." Being scared of the dark, Eagle Child was very nervous. But somehow courage was gathered to fly into the night. The sky roared with lightning and thunder. The Eagle Child didn't turn back.

Then all of a sudden, out of the darkness came a brilliant light. It was the brightest star Eagle Child had ever seen. As the light got closer and closer and brighter and brighter, Eagle Child saw it was a bird with all colors. The bird had a powerful light shining from her heart. The bird sang " I am the Star Bird. Without the darkness of the night you would not see the stars. The lightning and thunder have brought you to my home. I have a magic wand for wishing."

Eagle Child asked, " What must I learn so I can fly into space and look down on the whole Earth? Star Bird answered, " Feel the star in you heart. We must have the stars in our hearts to reach our dreams. Now say along with me my secret words:

"I and the Stars are one
I love the Stars
I will take care of the stars."

The Eagle Child said, " I am too small, I cannot take care of the stars."

Star bird said, " The stars like it when people make wishes for the good of all. Your earth needs very strong wishes right now. Bring light to the earth with your good dreams, wishes and the things you do."

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