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Solutions to Pollution

It's great to hear what children are doing in the world to help the earth.
Here are a few kids and schools that have shared what they are doing?
Let us know what you are doing? Send them right away - make it a class project.
e-mail us at:dodoland@dodoland.com

She is 7 years old and in her first grade. She was one of the pioneer of a new School called Dyatmika, which prepare the kids to be really concerned with the environment.

Dear Sweet Water :
In school we had a project to go to a rain forest (I live in Bali, Indonesia).
The teacher said, we have to take care of the plants and don't cut the trees
down, because we need the trees to keep the water and animals.

"Helping Animals Live
When my papa and I go fishing there's a lot of bottles and cup tops and stuff. Papa and I pick up the stuff and throw the trash away.
Patrick brian wright

- "I take shorter baths. I keep the water clean."

"I pick up trash that is on the school playground. I walk to school a lot so I won't pollute the air. I always reduce, reuse, and recycle. I want to help our environment!"
Kelsey Press, Age 9, Austin, Texas

"Everytime I buy a six pack of drinks I cut the rings so that animals will not choke in them."
Erin, 12 in Virginia, USA

"I have a goldfish pond in our yard. We filled it with the hose, added pond plants like water lillies, irises, salvinea and duck weed. We put in three gold fish and two koi. The water got very cloudy right away from algae, then it cleared up. One of the koi died, it was my koi and its name was tooney, it was orange and white. Before it died she spawned with either one of the goldfish or the other koi. Now I have about 100 goldfish in my pond. They are black right now, because they are babies and their colour protects them from predators like skunks or cats. My mom's friend's pond has a snake in it that eats up his big fish. So fish need water, plants, food, and cover from enemies in order to spawn. I don't know what I am going to do with all these fish in the winter. I'm going to sell some and keep some for myself."

"I love you."
Cooper, age 6, California

"I wish that more people would love one another and have no more wars and also have the Middle East have peace too. "

"HIYA!!! My name is Marisa and I am 12 years old. To help the animals in the water I am not polluting the water and if I see an animal I just leave it alone. If I see an animal in our street that doesnt have an owner then I go and get a bowl of water or milk. I don't usually touch it in case it has diseases. We also have a bird bath and a bird feeder. Birds always come and have a feed or a drink. I even drop some of my crumbs outside for the ants to eat off. Well I better be going."
Marisa in Australia.

"Dan's wish is that people would have the common sense to be against the space program. every year, we spend billions destroying our home, just so that we might one day know what else is out there. I don't think that it is worth throwing the Earth's life away."

"We keep the water clean by not polluting the air and the water. When I need to throw trash away I throw it in the trash can and not the water.

"I have helped keep the air clean by riding my bike."
Alex, age 10 , Edmonton, Alberta

"Our family are trying not to put hazardous wastes down the sink."
Han, age 9, Toronto, Ontario

"I have planted a tree to help the air and animals and birds who live in the tree."
Ben, age 7, Texas, USA

"I keep the air clean. We do not use pesticides and have an organic garden."
Troy, age 12, Nelson, British Columbia

"We are the Planet Protectors of Eastside Elementary in Edinburgh, Indiana. We recycle aluminum from the cafeteria, buy bird seed with our money making projects, and we keep the bird feeders full. We are grades 4-6. On May 6th. we are visiting the Bartholew County landfill and the recycling center. We meet monthly and try to learn as much as we can about earth environmental problems. We share this information with our school. We bought 10 acres of rain forest and adopted a whale this year."

"We are the Eco-Patrol of Anderson Valley Elementary School. We are the 1st - 3rd grade group. We recycle, reuse, and reduce our trash here at school. We also teach the other classes how to recycle. We recycle paper, bottles, newspapers, boxes, cans, plastic, paper bags, colored paper, and we also recycle food in our worm box. We would like some ideas on other ways to help keep our school clean."
The Eco-Patrol!!!!!!

Read about this creative solution to planting a tree!
A school in Hamilton, NY planted a Norway Maple and got soil to mix with their soil from 14 different schools.. They sent a message to the participating schools saying "Our Tree" is doing fine."
The schools are:
Hydaburg, Alaska
Lakes Elementary School, Lacey, Washington
Hartigan School, Chicago, Illinois
Elizabeth Bartlett, Japan
Elementary School in Columbus, Ohio
Parkers Prairie School, Parkers Prairie, Minnesota
Somerville Elem., Somerville, Texas
Lee's Summit, Missouri
Middleton Middle School, Tampa, Florida
Evaline School District, Winlock, Washington
St. John the Baptist School, Milwaukie, Oregon
Beth Hernly, Nishiki, Japan
Woodfin Elem. School, Asheville, North Carolina
Hamilton Central School
Hamilton, NY

"I built a bird feeder for the birds"
Joy, Age 12, Newfoundland

"My friend and I picked up the garbage"
Trevor, age 8, California

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